Sunday, March 20, 2011

Dessert, anyone?

My darling friend Cindy is getting married next weekend. For her bachelorette party, she decided to have a slumber party! (So cute, huh?) Imagine my delight when I found out that it was requested by other guests that I be nominated to bring dessert. Don't mind if I do! Thanks, ladies. :)
I happen to know that my Oreo Truffles are always a crowd-pleaser...PLUS..they are really pretty. I decided to post this tutorial so that you too can bring this easy- yet impressive- dessert to your next party!

Here are the ingredients you will need:
1/2 teaspoon
(Yeah...yeah...yeah...actual vanilla extract is better...but it's twice as much and I'm always on a budget, ok? There. I feel better.)
Start by pouring all of the Oreos into a 1 gallon Zip-Loc bag and start smashing away at it with some sort of heavy object. 

You will want to get it down to a fine powder. If you have a food processor, this process will be easier...yet not nearly as satisfying. 

Put the Oreo powder, cream cheese and 1/2 tsp of vanilla into a large mixing bowl. 

Combine all of the ingredients until you can no longer see any of the cream cheese. 
You COULD use a mixer for can do what I do....

Don't worry..I washed my hands first. 

Use a spoon and start rolling them into small balls and place them on a wax paper lined cookie sheet. They should be about an inch in diameter, but this can really be up to you. 

Place the cookie sheet in the fridge and cool them for about 45 minutes.

 Now it's time for your optional glass of wine. 

The next step is to melt the milk chocolate. I don't own a double boiler, so I created one by placing a glass bowl over a pot of water. This process can be tricky. You want the water to get warm...but you do NOT want it to boil or else you'll burn your chocolate. Just keep a close eye on it and stir it occasionally. 

When it gets to this point where most of it is melted and you can see some pieces of your chocolate chips in tact, remove it from the heat and just keep stirring it. The heat of the melted chocolate will melt the remaining chocolate chips.

Take the rolled Oreo balls out of the fridge and start dipping them in the chocolate. I use two spoons and roll them in the chocolate. Then I use a slotted spoon to pull it out, let the excess chocolate drip off and then place it on another wax lined cookie sheet. 

Once all of the truffles are coating, put them back in the fridge. 

Now it's time to melt the white chocolate. You can really use whatever you want: dark chocolate, caramel, or even cover them in sprinkles. This whole thing is all about preference. I personally think the white chocolate gives it a touch of elegance. 

Once the white chocolate is melted, take the truffles out of the fridge and use a fork or a slotted spoon to drizzle the white chocolate over them. Put them back in the fridge until they harden before removing them from the cookie sheet. 

That's it! Be ready for some SERIOUSLY happy party guests!


  1. I linked here from Shana's page. I'm really digging both of your blogs. Very inspiring.

    I LOVE Oreo Truffles. For a special treat, try them with Mint Oreos. YUM!

    Lauren H.

  2. Great idea! There are so many versions! :)


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