Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A Star Wars Baby Shower?

Yep! That's right! That is exactly what I set out to do once I found out the theme of my newest nephew's nursery. Nice choice, sister....nice choice. :) I couldn't wait to begin!
That's when it dawned on me. How in the world am I going to pull off a beautiful, elegant baby shower while still capturing the Star Wars feel? When I started my research, it seemed like there were endless children birthday party ideas and decor...but nothing sweet and "baby-like". I started to get a little worried. 
This had the potential of being the scariest baby shower ever. 

My first breakthrough was when I found this adorable Etsy shop:

I had originally wanted to make the invitations myself, but decided it couldn't hurt to have a LITTLE help from someone else. :) I ordered the basic image of the invitations and decided to put my own twist on things. 
Here's how they turned out.


Once the invitations were done, things got a little easier. I paid a visit to my local IKEA and found all sorts of "spacey" looking things. I also managed to pick up a cool vase from a nearby Goodwill. 
Here's a tip: I find that if you cover a table in candles and flowers, it really classes things up!
Check out the finished product.

I bet I know what you're thinking. "Hey Dawnya! Where did you get that AMAZING Jedi sign?"
Well, I'll tell you! My extremely talented artist of a boyfriend painted that. (This photo hardly does it justice.) He's kind of a big deal. 
My sister loved it so much that it is now hanging in the nursery. :)

I knew that I needed to have a few actual Star Wars pieces, so I found these plastic party rings online. I paired them with light saber picks and turned them into cupcake toppers for my super yummy strawberry cupcakes. So cute!

These are just a couple VERY cheap picture frames from IKEA. 
I used a bit of computer magic to create the inserts.

All in all, I was able to put together a beautiful, sweet and elegant baby shower without completely breaking the bank. It just took some serious brainstorming!
A big "thank you" to my Grandma for sewing the tablecloths and to my Mommy for hosting the party!
And thank you, Amber, for letting me run with this idea! haha

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