Thursday, June 30, 2011

It's my Friday and I'll not match if I want to.

Yep..I'm off tomorrow!
Two of my favorite peeps are comin' to town from Vegas-
Shana and Edwina!
Oh boy is Southern California in trouble. ;)
I knew I wanted to wear some fun colors in celebration of this awesome day- while still sticking with my "30 for 30" challenge.

Actual conversation this morning with a 4 yr old girl:
4 yr old: "Miss Dawnya, you don't have purple on anywhere else except for that flower."
Me: "I know."
4 yr old: "Why?"
Me: "Because I felt I needed that extra pop of color."
4 yr old: "I like it."

This fashion moment almost brought a tear to my eye.
I think I created a future fashion blogger. :)

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Here's a bit o' trivia for ya!

Did you know that you can wear a beret in the summertime? Did you also know that you can wear a beret with an over-sized woman's blouse from the 1980's? Well, you can! 
You can, because I say you can. 
Watch me do it!

 If someone had said to me a year ago that I would be wearing this outfit, I would have replied with, "Please. You crazy." 
This outfit may not seem like a stretch to some people, 
but the old me would have laughed at this. 
I love that I am now perfectly comfortable with wearing ridiculous things. That's good because once I get closer to the end of this "30 for 30 Remix" challenge, ridiculous is all I'll have left.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Ok, I'm not a genius, but I sure felt like one this morning when I designed today's outfit! 
I bought this black top at Savers a while back. It's way too big on me, but I liked the look of it and figured I could tuck it in. I paired it with jeans and my camel wedges. BORING. I needed some color. 
I've seen scarves used so many different ways. I love this teal scarf I thrifted and decided to run it through my belt loops to create a belt. After that, I started looking at my jewelry. I remembered that I had worn this scarf before and I really liked how I had pinned a broach to it (seen here). can I add this broach to my outfit? I pinned it on my shirt. Nope. Not sold on that idea. If only this broach were on a necklace. I KNOW!!! I remembered THIS post and grabbed the necklace hoping my idea would work. I pinned my broach onto the necklace by fastening the pin through the chain. I guess I ate my Wheaties this morning! :)

Here I am...rather impressed with myself and my necklace when I discovered.......

...a broken nail. :(

Haha...who knew a couple pieces of thrifted jewelry could absolutely make my day??? It's the little things. 
Happy Tuesday, folks. :)

Monday, June 27, 2011


I really feel like I've worn this before...but I haven't. It's kinda weird. Either way, I definitely have not blogged about it and it fits within my "30 for 30" challenge. :) 
I love me some polka dots! I decided to give this dress a new spin by adding earth tones and a jacket. I like the overall look AND I'm comfy! That's a bonus because I won't be home until late tonight. Ah..the joy of two jobs!

 I hope everyone is off to a great Monday!

Friday, June 24, 2011

In Wonderland...

I was leaving my complex to go to work today and saw this single rose standing tall in the middle of a bunch of other plants. There weren't any other roses around. I thought it was so cute how this one perfect rose was shooting out of the ground as if to "greet" all of the residents in my complex as they come and go. 
I love "Alice in Wonderland". Haha :)
Anyway, onto my outfit. I got this dress at Target while I was in Vegas last weekend because it was SO hot there. For some reason, I forgot I was going to the desert and didn't pack accordingly. I really love the color and the pretty little flowers. And are you kidding me...a ruffle and a bow??? Ring me up!
 And because of where I work, I had to "preschool up" my outfit. I'm still sticking with my "30 for 30" pieces though. 
I'm no cheater!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Keepin' ya guessin'

I can hear you now, "Umm...Dawnya...that top is NOT in your 30 for 30 list." (Maybe you don't actually care, but just go with it.) 
Oh yes, my dear readers, it is. The only thing's NOT a top. It's a dress! I can wear this dress a hundred different ways. That's why I love it and that's exactly why I picked it for my "30 for 30 Remix" challenge. I'm only on Day 3 and I'm already nervous about just HOW creative I'm going to have to get. 
*biting nails
We'll see what I can conjure up for Friday. Have a great evening!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Accessories not included.

Thank goodness accessories don't count toward my "30 for 30"! Remember this rule: When you're feeling like your outfit is kinda "blah", put on EVERY bracelet you own! 
Also....wear purple eyeshadow. It helps.

Day #2 down! Only 28 more outfits to go!!!! Haha!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

30 for 30- Day #1

Ok, I did it. I have officially begun my "30 for 30" challenge. 
I was up until 11:30 last night painstakingly choosing my 30 pieces of clothing. It's A LOT harder than it sounds. If you missed my post yesterday, I talked about how I'm so bored with my style lately. I feel like I've gotten lazy and haven't been feeling very creative. I decided to take on this challenge where you choose 30 items of clothing and create 30 different outfits using only those 30 pieces. For more of an explanation, click here
Okay, so here are my 30 items:

Day #1 was pretty easy. Of course it was. I have 30 items of clothing to choose from. Just wait till we get closer to Day #30 when I'm wrapping a skirt around my head as a hat.

Ok, off to a great start! Anyone else want to join me?