Tuesday, December 20, 2011

At Home

 Christmas is just a few short days away and I am REALLY looking forward to going home for Christmas. I love my family and friends in Vegas and I'm excited for the long weekend with them.
But that's not where my post title comes from. 
I'm feeling very "at home" in my life right now. 
For those of you who have followed my blog, you know that I used to work for a preschool and I loved it so very much. The down side was that I was working 2 jobs to make ends meet. Now I'm working one job. And as much as I miss the kiddies, I'm loving my new life. I work with great people and I have so much more free time. My newly found free time has allowed me to spend it with the people I love the most....and really....
what else matters?

 Okay! On to today's outfit!
It's been chilly here in sunny California, so I decided to snuggle up in a cozy argyle sweater. To dress it up, I paired it with tights and this corduroy skirt I thrifted. I love this skirt and the neat part is that the tag says it was made in Scotland. 
You never know what you'll find while thrifting!

Monday, December 19, 2011

The Prodigal Camera

Just in time for the holidays... my camera has returned to me!
Whether it's because she missed me or she's just using me for a trip to Vegas...
I can't be certain. 
All I know is....there is no time to waste!
Ok...what MAY have happened is that perhaps I did not check one of the small pockets of my suitcase. 
The details aren't important!!!!! 
All that matters is that we're together.

I love a happy ending.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Lost :(

That's how I feel right now! The lack of blog posts due to my missing camera has made me feel lost. So.... if it doesn't turn up soon, I guess I'll be buying another one. 
This will be my 2nd camera purchase since I started my blog. 
Remember THIS  post?
Anyway, since I'm on my lunch break, I'll at least update you on today's outfit using my trusty iPhone! Here we go!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Don't be mad, k?

I suck. I've been so bad about posting. 
It isn't that I don't want to.
It's not you.... it's ME.
Haha... ok... it boils down to sleeping in and not having time to take blog pics.
Shameless... I know.
Today I was going to turn it all around! I liked my little outfit and woke up early! 
Yay! Half the battle!
Ok.... ummm... where the heck is my camera????? Yep... that's right. I can't find it. *sigh*
The up side? I get to try out the blogger app on my iPhone! Hooray. :-/
Let's see how this goes....

My very stylish Grandma gave me this belt for my birthday. Super cute, huh!
Great taste is in the genes. :)
Boots: Rapsiodelle

Earrings: Target

Sweater: Target
Top: Thrifted

Well...there it is...my make-shift blog post. 
Let the hunt for my camera begin! Good night, friends! :)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A little somethin' special...

 Ever have one of those days where you get dressed and you feel "blah"? 
But then you add one tiny thing....maybe a favorite scarf or some chandelier earrings and all of a sudden you feel...
I don't know...special? 
For me, that's how I feel whenever I put these red shoes on. 
I think they have a vintage feel to them which I love...
but they're also not expected. 
Sure I have a bunch of other shoe options for this outfit...but my red shoes were screaming for attention!!!
My shoes and I hugged it out and then I threw them on.
I love a happy ending!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Finally it's Fall!

Brrrrrr......it's CHILLY!
I am so happy the temps have dropped! 
I spent all of Sunday in my jammies on the couch listening to the rain! 
It was woooonderful! 
I decided to throw on the trusty tights and put together an 80's inspired look. I like the slouchy sweater, short skirt and boots. It's fun and cozy...yet still cute and kinda dressy. Perfect for work on a coooold day!

You know how when it's cold outside you can see your breath in the air? 
I like that. :)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Nothing Rhymes With "Orange".

What kind of a person says their favorite color is orange? 
The best kind. :)
I think orange is underrated. What's everyone so afraid of? 
It's fun and bright and cheerful! Too scared to wear it? 
Watch me do it. 
 If you can't have fun with bold colors, 
there's no point in getting dressed. :)

Monday, November 14, 2011


Yeah...I know.
DARLING, right????
I swear I could wear these every single day. 
Alas...I can't... because that would make my other earrings jealous. 
I think I accidentally deleted my photos. 
I'm pretty sure I started out with more than 4. 
I'll solve this mystery later. Off to bed!