Friday, June 10, 2011


An artist's rendering of the missing tank top.
All week I had planned on wearing my new sea foam green tank top today that I got as a gift from a dear friend of mine. She brought it back from a trip to Prague and I absolutely loved it! I went home the night of June 1st and tried it on. I found a skirt in my closet that would look great with it. I was so excited about this outfit that I wanted to wear it on a day when I knew I'd be going somewhere fun after work. I THOUGHT I left it draped over my desk chair along with the skirt. It sat like that for a week. (I know...I know...I left clothes out for a week. I'm a hot mess.) Earlier this week, I made plans to go out for sushi with a couple friends of mine. 
Yay! I can wear my new top! 
This brings us to today.

The chaos started when I slept through my alarm. I woke up to sunlight and the birds chirping---daylight??? It's NOT 5:00 a.m.! Annoyed that I didn't go to the gym, I hopped in the shower. No big least I already know what I'm wearing. I won't be late at all. I come back to my room and pick the skirt up off my desk chair. No tank top. Ok, maybe I hung it up in my closet. Not there either. I looked on the floor of my closet, in between every item of clothing, looked under my bed, looked through my sheets (my sheets???) was NOWHERE! In the meantime, I'm totally running late now. The kinda good news is that it was chilly and drizzling out, so an outfit change was necessary at this point anyway. I threw something together and flew out the door. 
I'm sad about my tank top. I really am. I don't know where it is and I will do an extensive search over the weekend. 
I won't give up. I can't! It has to be somewhere!
The only thing that is giving me peace during this difficult time is knowing that I have happy hour sushi to comfort me later today.

If you or someone you know has any information pertaining to this case, please contact me. 
I don't have a reward for you...but...I'll be your best friend.


  1. You are so funny and clever. I am missing a sweater that totally BUMS me out! Maybe if I post a missing picture and reward it will come up.....


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