Friday, June 24, 2011

In Wonderland...

I was leaving my complex to go to work today and saw this single rose standing tall in the middle of a bunch of other plants. There weren't any other roses around. I thought it was so cute how this one perfect rose was shooting out of the ground as if to "greet" all of the residents in my complex as they come and go. 
I love "Alice in Wonderland". Haha :)
Anyway, onto my outfit. I got this dress at Target while I was in Vegas last weekend because it was SO hot there. For some reason, I forgot I was going to the desert and didn't pack accordingly. I really love the color and the pretty little flowers. And are you kidding me...a ruffle and a bow??? Ring me up!
 And because of where I work, I had to "preschool up" my outfit. I'm still sticking with my "30 for 30" pieces though. 
I'm no cheater!

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