Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Listen Up, Universe.

So, I keep hearing about how if you want something, 
you just need to "put it out there in the universe." 

Ok, here it goes!

I. Need. A. Couch. 
(see below)

I can accept deliveries Monday through Friday after 5:00 pm and I'm available most weekends.

Thank you for your time. 


"Tired of IKEA furniture"

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Dear Mommy

 I wanted to do a special Mother's Day post about my Mom...aka..."Mommy".
(Isn't she gorgeous??)

I was going through old boxes yesterday and came across my Baby Book. I didn't even know I had this book, but i loved going through it and seeing the little baby moments my Mom documented. It was really fun to catch a glimpse of her experience as a new mother!

 I was laughing at all of this because so many of these stories really haven't changed much over the years. :)

I feel SO LUCKY to have a mommy like her. Always patient, always sweet and kind to everyone.... it never ceases to amaze me. 
On top of her gentle demeanor, she has a great sense of humor, talent for creativity and she has ALWAYS has style! 
(Check this one out. I WANT THIS OUTFIT!!!)

She took us everywhere and taught us so many things!

I cracked up at this story. I have mastered the art of avoiding salesmen now and I feel bad for foiling my Mom's plan....
 It couldn't have been easy dealing with a mini version of myself. I can only imagine how many moments did NOT make the baby book....

 I love you so much, Mommy! Thank you so much for raising us. I know for a fact that Amber and I wouldn't be the sassy and stylish ladies we are today without you! :)
Happy "Mommy's" Day!