Monday, May 2, 2011

Small Blessings

I finally found some silver lining to me breaking my camera! This morning, my car was broken into at the gym and my purse was stolen. If my camera had been working, it would have been in my purse..and theeeen I would have lost my memory card! See? Always a bright side! took me all day to find this "bright side". I was NOT happy. After replacing my window, canceling all my accounts and getting back to work, I really had to think about all that I'm grateful for. It's what snapped me back into reality. My things are just things and they don't matter. It's the people and experiences in my life that matter and by the end of today, I was ready for a photoshoot. ;) 
Part of my "cheering up process" involved making sure I felt pretty. This sparkly scarf did the trick. I normally wear it in cold weather....but paired with this sleeveless top, it made for a cute Spring look.

I don't know what Tuesday has in store for me...
but I will STILL be going to the gym. 
If I don't...then the purse snatchers win and 
I'm not gonna let that happen. :)

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