Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Yeah....I'm wearing this.

I was recently talking to my friend about my "30 for 30" selections. When talking about my over-sized women's blouse, I said, "I put that shirt in my '30 for 30' because if I didn't, I'd never wear it." It's true. I would have passed over it and over it. By including it in my "30 for 30", I'm forcing myself to not only wear it, but to find different ways to wear it.
This morning, I looked at the blouse and looked at my little vest. I was laughing as I put it together. 
We're talking about A LOT O' fabric shoved into a small vest. 
At one point, I even said, "Git in there!" (I talk to my clothes.)
When I was all done, I looked at myself and laughed. 
Am I REALLY going to go to work like this? 
 And thanks to Breakfast with Tiffany for cluing me in on today's Fashion Challenge- Sparkles for Day!

I finished off my look with some pink eyeshadow and lipgloss! 
Done and done. 
And after looking at my pics, I actually don't think this outfit is as wacky as I had originally thought. bout that?


  1. Thanks for the shout out! =) This outfit is great! I love it. When I go thrifting, I never look in the larger sizes, but I love how you've made this shirt look like a tunic. And the tiny vest gives it shape. Love love love it!

    And I love your sparkly bangle! =)

  2. This outfit works out really great. Thanks for the shout out and joining up! I linked you in the masterpost.

  3. I love this outfit! A vest can really make an outfit. And girl, you have some fabulous hair!

  4. I love this outfit! You pull off the vest effortlessly.


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