Wednesday, July 20, 2011

More Nonsense!

I decided to take a break today from my "30 for 30" to post more pics from my weekend with Shana and Edwina. We decided to pay a visit to one of my favorite places- IKEA. 
Edwina had never been before and I couldn't WAIT to show her!
First, my outfit. This entire outfit was thrifted. Yay! I love that. I had been wanting to find a pair of flowered shorts for a while. I finally found them at the Goodwill. I was so excited!

I had also been wanting to find red suede heels....mainly because I've been obsessed with them here. Every time she wears them, I want them. I couldn't believe I found a similar pair at Goodwill! They aren't heels, but I love them just as much. 
Plus, they were $3.00. 

Another great find that you've probably seen in previous posts was my "Dirkin". Shana and Edwina have been calling my bag my "Dirkin" ever since they laid eyes on it because it reminded them of this Birkin bag which carries a price tag of around $1,600  correction- $17,000.00 (Thank you, Whitney! I decided to do a little research and this seems to be the going rate on Ebay). 
Clearly, I know nothing about expensive things.
 My "Dirkin" was $7.00 at Savers! Haha!

Ok, enough about my outfit. Once we entered the magic that is IKEA, all nonsense broke loose. 
Here's just a little taste of what took place:

 We had a lot of fun...probably too much fun. And I think the other shoppers weren't sure what to make of us. 
But then again, that's nothing new.
I had such a great time with my girls and I miss them terribly!
It seems it's now my turn to pay them a visit in Vegas and 
continue our nonsense!


  1. haha--"Dirkin"! I love it!

    Although, I've seen Birkins cost WAY more than $1,600. That's actually a deal--most of them are $5,000-15,000. So, you paid 4.66% of the most expensive ones. I think that deserves a job well done.

  2. I don't know the first thing about expensive bags. I just googled it really quick. I guess the link I had was incorrect. Shows how much I know! lol

  3. Dirkin.... made me think of Merkin.... hahahahahaha!!!!(google it)


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