Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Endless Summer

Is it ridiculously hot where you're at? I am melting to my keyboard as I type this. I can't believe I have another 2 or so months of this. WHY did I buy a car with black leather seats? WHY does it take so long to blowdry my hair? WHY does air conditioning have to be so expensive?
The good thing about this weather is that I don't do a whole lot of second guessing when it comes to my outfits. The more I change and move around, the more I sweat. 
So, basically I wear the first thing I put on....whether I like it or not. 
Today I wanted to be comfy, but as cool as possible- while still being work appropriate. Kind of a tall order but I think I managed to pull it off. I gotta tell ya....I'm only on Day 10 and I'm already getting kinda sick of the "30 for 30" thing. It just feels like I'll be wearing these same pieces of clothing forEVER. 
Ok...I'm snapping out of it. See? All better! 
Here's a smiley face to prove it ------->   : )
 Have a great Wednesday! Stay hydrated!

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