Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Ok, I'm not a genius, but I sure felt like one this morning when I designed today's outfit! 
I bought this black top at Savers a while back. It's way too big on me, but I liked the look of it and figured I could tuck it in. I paired it with jeans and my camel wedges. BORING. I needed some color. 
I've seen scarves used so many different ways. I love this teal scarf I thrifted and decided to run it through my belt loops to create a belt. After that, I started looking at my jewelry. I remembered that I had worn this scarf before and I really liked how I had pinned a broach to it (seen here). Hmmm...how can I add this broach to my outfit? I pinned it on my shirt. Nope. Not sold on that idea. If only this broach were on a necklace. I KNOW!!! I remembered THIS post and grabbed the necklace hoping my idea would work. I pinned my broach onto the necklace by fastening the pin through the chain. I guess I ate my Wheaties this morning! :)

Here I am...rather impressed with myself and my necklace when I discovered.......

...a broken nail. :(

Haha...who knew a couple pieces of thrifted jewelry could absolutely make my day??? It's the little things. 
Happy Tuesday, folks. :)

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