Thursday, June 9, 2011

Tahitian Twist

Here in California, we're experiencing what we call "June Gloom". It's overcast and kinda drizzly. I don't mind it...but at the same time....I prefer the sunshine. Sometimes on days like this, I pretend it's sunny and gorgeous and dress accordingly. That's what I decided to do today. I bought this top at H&M a couple years ago. It reminds me of a tropical destination and I love the bright colors. I put it over my navy blue maxi dress and twisted it into a knot on the side. I don't think I've twisted my shirt into a knot since I was maybe 10? (We used to do it in my sorority for dance performances in college...but that's a whole different thing.) 
I REALLY love how versatile maxi dresses are and I plan on playing around with them a lot more throughout the summer. :)

 Have a great day! It's almost Friday!

P.S. Here is what I wore yesterday 
in case anyone was concerned that I didn't get dressed:


  1. Such a cute outfit, I love the mix of purple and navy!


  2. You always put the cutest stuff together! Love the blog Dawyna!


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