Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Let me tell ya about MY day so far...

It started out like a normal Wednesday morning. I woke up (didn't go to the gym because I was up too late playing on the internet), took a shower, got dressed and started taking my photos outside. So far, nothing unusual. Here is what I put on today:
Shortly after this picture was taken, my camera fell off the fence and plummeted to it's death! I was running late for work, so I scrambled to get into the car. 

Here is me driving to work (the rest of my pictures in this post were taken with my not-so-fancy phone):

I got to work and I was very sad. I set my camera on my desk and stared at it. It keeps clicking and beeping and saying "lens error" and it won't move out of this position:

SUDDENLY! I hear one of the teachers calling me from another classroom. I walk in and a group of children start singing (in the tune of "Happy Birthday") "Happy Dawnya Day to yoooou...Happy Dawnya Day to yoooou..."! AND...they made this sign for me!
I've said it before and I'll say it again. 
EVERYONE should work at a preschool!!! 
In the meantime, my blog might be on hold for a couple days.
I'll figure something out! :)

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  1. we kinda did work at a preschool over at TLC... hahaha


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