Thursday, September 29, 2011

Visitor notice!

 What's adorable at my new job is this alarming email titled 
"Visitor Notice!". 
It basically means some sort of client is visiting the office. Therefore, everyone needs to not dress like a slob.
Really...the only rule is to basically not wear jeans. 
Seems simple enough...but people freak out about this. 
"Whaaaat???? Visitorrrrrsssss????
UGH...I HATE dress up days!"
Ironically, I think this is my sloppiest outfit this week. 
I slept in a bit and went with what's comfy. you hear me complaining about Visitor Day??? 
Come on peeps....throw on some non-jeans and call it a day!
I think I'll keep my little rant to myself until I make more friends at work. ;)

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