Wednesday, September 14, 2011


 I apologize for my absence. Truly, I do. 
I've had a lot going on...some of it good and some of it sad. 
The GOOD news is that I got a new job! I'm very excited about it and I think it's going to really change my life for the better. I've been working two jobs for the last year and a half and I've basically had no life. I can finally work just ONE job! I'll have my nights and weekends off and do you know what that means??? 
The sad part about all of this is that I will be leaving the preschool that I work at. I cried like a baby when I put my two week notice in. I'm so going to miss my co-workers and I don't even want to think about how much I'm going to miss the kids!! :( I'm working on a special blog post about the school and I'll most likely be posting it on my last day here, so stay tuned if you're interested. :)

Now about my outfit....

This morning was rather gloomy, so I decided to put this look together for the cooler weather. I've seen this look done a few times and wanted to try it. I like the casual look of the plaid shirt dressed up with a blazer.

 So, this morning I walked into work and the girl at the front desk said, "You work in the preschool, don't you?" I nodded. 
Then she followed that with, 
"I thought you worked upstairs because you always look so nice!" 
Thanks??? LOL!  I won't be repeating that to the other preschool employees.

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