Tuesday, November 1, 2011

And just like that....BOO! I'm 32!

I love birthdays and I loooove Halloween! 
Why not combine both???
This year I decided to have a Halloween themed birthday. 
And since my birthday is so close to Halloween, I bumped it up a week early. 
(No one minded.)
Since it was my party, I felt being a ringmaster was very fitting. :)
I worked on my decorating hardcore for weeks! My table scape was my pride and joy! 
Hope you enjoy my pics....and my awesome friends who went all out with their costumes! 
I love you guys!
I was SO proud of this! I found this styrofoam skull at Michael's for $5.99. The rest was from Savers! Such a beautiful centerpiece and sooooo cheap!

Ah.....friends forever.

THANK YOU to all my friends who came to my Bewitching Birthday Bash! It was so much fun and I'm just happy the cops didn't show up! There are so many more awesome costumes that I didn't get pics of. If any of you have some, send them my way so I can post a part 2!!!
Happy Halloweeeeeeeen!



  1. Awe-some-sauce! Yes, awesomesauce your party was!!!

  2. Holy Cow! That looks awesome D! LOVE the table! Maybe you should go into a party-planning business. And Efaon came?! The ROBOTS comment tipped me off. How fun! Hope your real birthday is fun too, but don't jump the gun just yet, cause when you turn 32, I'm almost 33. :( Love ya!


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