Thursday, August 18, 2011

It's a GIRL!!!

Before I tell you about the arrival of my bundle of joy,
I have one question to ask you....

Is this shirt YOURS???
No... it?
This shirt has been sitting on our dryer for a couple of months. My roommate thought it was mine. I thought it was hers. 
Finally one day she said, "Dawnya, that shirt is yours."
My reply was, "No, it's not. I thought it was yours." 
And that's where we're at. 
So, if this Lauren Conrad top belongs to you, please contact me. :)

Now.....I'm proud to announce the arrival of my pride and joy.....

My new hair dryer!!!!!!!!!

Isn't she precious? She arrived yesterday and I was overjoyed. 

Here is a picture of our first morning together...
Ok, ladies, someone claim this shirt....
because I'm getting awfully comfy in it!!! Hehehe... ;)

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