Thursday, February 9, 2012

Spring Cleaning

 This weekend I will be purging myself of all sorts of things I don't need anymore. 
And although it's not Spring yet, it will feel great to clean things up a bit by ridding myself of unnecessary clutter!
As you can see....even my back patio needs an overhaul. 
(Check out the weeds to my left....yuck!)

For's my Thursday outfit!
It was a beautiful, sunny day today and I felt like being comfy (i.e. not wearing heels)

 After all my cleaning is over and done with, A.B. and I have quite a few projects up our sleeves. 
I'm REALLY excited to start sharing them with you!

But for now....happy early Friday!

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  1. Cute outfit the way heels are comfortable except when walking 20 blocks to the bar- then it's nonsense (wink.


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