Monday, February 13, 2012

Feeling Lighter

 Do I look lighter?
I didn't lose weight....physically speaking. 
But...I DID lose a whole lotta stuff at a yard sale this weekend! Hooray!
If actually losing weight made me $105 in cash on the weekends, I'd be parked on a treadmill.
Today the weather called for rain. To me...I hear rain and I immediately think boots.
Sometimes I find it easier to start from the bottom up when planning an outfit like this. I actually put on tights and boots first and stood in front of my closet for a solid 15 minutes.
I think it paid off. I was comfy and liked the mix of prints I picked out. :)
Besides getting rid of some clutter this weekend, I had a pretty special early Valentine's dinner! Can't wait to tell you about it tomorrow! 
Good night! :)

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