Monday, February 27, 2012

Day #1

Once upon a time, I trained for a marathon. 
I trained for a marathon.... yet..... 
never ran that marathon. 
In fact, I only made it to about 10 miles in my training before I decided, 
"I'm kinda sick of running." 

And that's where that story ended.

Lately I've been feeling pretty lazy and out of shape. I've been slacking on  my workouts and slacking on my blogging. I realized I needed a new focus. 

Ladies and Gentleman...
I officially signed up for a half marathon that will take place May 5th.
I am nervous and excited all at the same time for this challenge. 

Today was Day #1 of my training. All I had to do was run 3 miles...which is no biggie for me. But as I was jogging along, I got a little nervous thinking to myself, "Umm..this is as EASY as it's going to get. Pretty soon I'll be WISHING I only had to run 3 miles."
So...over the next 10 weeks I'm going to be training for this race. I've changed my diet and I'm even sacrificing my love for wine. 
I'm excited for the upcoming changes in my body and I'm excited about feeling better overall. 
I apologize for the lack of posts. I'll try to remedy that, because honestly, blogging really does make me happy! :)
So, for your enjoyment, here are some pictures of Shana and I a few years ago. 
What happened here was that we were late to a 5K that we signed up for and didn't get to run it. So, we did what any normal person would do. 
We took fake running pictures. 

Amazingly enough...we won the race!

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