Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Can I just tell you about the BEST breakfast I had this morning after my run???

Ok..not the BEST breakfast, but it was REALLY good for being (mostly) healthy!
(Shana and Amber...this meal is not for you. Stop reading.)

My favorite grocery store is Fresh and Easy. They have so many fun products! 
Here is what I found for breakfast...

Van's Natural Foods has a great variety of waffles. I grabbed these for the extra protein and fiber!

When it comes to diet-y syrup, I'm always skeptical. It NEVER tastes good. It's usually runny and tastes like some sort of imitation sweetener. 
Not this stuff! It's GOOD! It's thick like maple syrup and tastes just like maple syrup!

I bet you're thinking "If it tastes good, it can't be that much healthier than normal syrup." That's what I thought too, but check this out!
I added some blueberries and cinnamon and a couple spritzes of I Can't Believe It's Not Butter spray. So yummy! And to cut down on the already low calories, I only slightly dipped each bite in the syrup. I washed it all down with a big 
(Care Bear) glass of water.

I felt so great after my early morning workout and yummy breakfast.
I went off to work a very happy girl. :)
Happy Leap Day!

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