Thursday, May 5, 2011

You know what I'm in the mood for? ..........The DMV!!!!

This picture really describes how I felt when my alarm went off this morning. This look on my face says, 
"I haaaaaaaate the DMV...
Whyyyyyy did my purse have to get stolen???" 
[in a very whiny voice]
Ok, that said, I STILL wanted to be cute. I looked at a couple brightly colored tops and thought, "I don't know that I necessarily want to 'stand out' at the DMV." 
I grabbed this black and white striped halter that I bought from Express a few years ago. I've always worn it by itself with jeans. I put my tiny green jacket over it, put on jeans and heels and I liked it. After I was dressed, I started playing with the tie around the neck. I liked the beaded ends of the straps. To make it a little different, I wrapped it around my neck twice and tied it in a knot so that the beaded ends would be in front- to resemble a necklace almost. I think it's different and I'm kinda diggin' it. ;)
In the end, the DMV wasn't bad at all and I did get my license all squared away, so I'm well on my way to putting this thievery behind me. :) 
Earrings: Tilly's
I can't WAIT to pick out my outfit for the Social Security office!


  1. YAY! YOu got your license. I used to hate the dmv, but I look at it as a show...of ridiiculous people...Love the jacket! Happy Friday!


  2. Cute outfit and you look amazing as usual!
    Neat post!

    My Lyfe ; My Story

    MyLyfeMyStory on twitter


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