Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Short and Sweet

I have been completely out of my routine due to the two days I have been home sick. Booo! I hate being sick! But...today...I started to feel better in the late afternoon and had new found energy to come up with a blog-worthy outfit!
But, I have to admit...I wasn't up for a long photo shoot. Plus...the sun was beating down on my patio, so it was too bright for outdoor pics and I was already starting to sweat. That said, I snapped a few pics in my living room and called it a day. 
I'll put forth far more effort tomorrow. 

I like today's outfit. I tend to like my outfits more when most of my pieces are thrifted. I almost feel like a proud parent when I see discarded clothes graduate into sassy ensembles! 
*tear rolling down cheek*
Let's hope for a good night's sleep where images of cute outfits dance in my head. :)

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  1. Thanks for inspiring my next outfit! I also thrifted my coral skirt and if I were famous, I'd be featured in one of those "I really love my..." articles with several pics of me wearing it with a zillion different things. To your other followers: if you don't own a coral skirt- do something about it!


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