Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I have a secret!!!

I was looking at my closet last night and thinking, "I need to do something interesting with my outfit tomorrow." I looked at two of my summer pieces- a long spaghetti strapped, maxi dress and a short, strapless, floral print romper. I decided to transform my dress into a long skirt by just folding the top part in and securing it with a belt. Ta-da! 
A completely new outfit made from 
two completely different outfits!
Ok, I can't take credit for this. I've already seen a few daring ladies make their long dresses into skirts. But the old me would have said, "Yeah, that's weird" and I would've moved on. I really like the ruffled top of my romper and knew it would make for a cute pairing with my dress. The ensemble is somewhat of a stretch, 
but I think it's fun... and really....that's what's important. :)
 And because strapless dresses are probably not allowed at preschool, I threw on a denim jacket. :)
The moral of the story is.....ALWAYS take a second look at your clothes. You just might surprise yourself!

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