Monday, April 18, 2011

A pop of blue to brighten the day!

It's Monday and CLOUDY. It was such a beautiful weekend at the beach. The only explanation I can come up with today is that the sun needed a day off? Well, sunshine, I don't blame you. I could use a day off myself. :)

 Since the weather is going to be chilly today, I knew I needed to at least wear a cardigan. I dug out this little dress I bought at Marshalls last summer. I had only worn it once before and just paired it with some black heels. BOOORING. make it work friendly...I put it on over some jeans and cinched in the waist with a brown braided belt. And to give it an extra kick, I painted my nails an electric blue! I love having that unexpected pop of color. 
Hope you like it! :)

Enjoy your day off, sunshine, I expect to see you tomorrow 
bright and early!

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