Saturday, April 23, 2011

Dirty Martinis in the Desert

I'm in Las Vegas for the weekend visiting family and friends. The weather is GORGEOUS this time of year. It's the few weeks where it's not hot and it's not cold. It's sunny with a slight breeze with temperatures hovering in the mid 70's. It's the best! My plan for my Friday night was to meet up with one of my closest friends for martinis on the patio at a bar called "Blue Martini." I decided to remix my awesome gingham cropped pants and go for an updated 80's rocker look. 
I love this outfit and had such a fun night out! 

I was excited about the pretty flowers in my sister's backyard, so I HAD to take a picture with them. :)
I do love sunny California, but a piece of my heart will always belong to Vegas. :)

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