Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Hello my babies!!! 
Did you think I deserted you? NEVER! 
I the British say...
on holiday! 
No..not really...I was just all tangled up in life...Christmas shopping, going home for Christmas, turning into a red head (see left), coming back home from Christmas, going back to work, celebrating New Year's by seeing "Wicked" (FANTASTIC)...going back to work again.....phew! I've been a busy chick!
My apologies on my lack of blog posts. 
Along with going back to the gym, I'm tacking my blog posts onto my list of New Year's resolutions! 
At least I'll accomplish something. ;) we go!

I found this gorgeous blue sweater at Savers over the New Year's weekend. One of my Christmas presents was a gift certificate to Savers. An incredibly thoughtful and clever person (ie. Amazing boyfriend who WILL be featured in future posts) bought me Savers gift certificates AND tickets to see Wicked. 
*Sigh* :)
I hope everyone had a happy holiday season!
Have a good night and I PROMISE I'll see ya tomorrow!

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