Thursday, March 31, 2011

What a difference accessories make...

I admit it. I woke up...once again..without an outfit planned. UGH!!! Why do I procrastinate?? Am I a glutton for punishment? Either way...I had limited time to decide on an ensemble. I have learned that the place to start is with one piece- one piece that inspires you. For me-today-it was this amazing yellow necklace that I got from Savers. It had no price tag on it. I walked it up to the counter and asked the gentleman how much it was. He said, "Do you really like it?" I looked it him intrigued and said, "It depends on how much it is." He obliged and said "A dollar?" Yeah...I was sold. With such a bold statement of a necklace, I decided to go a bit subdued with the rest of my outfit.
Oh..and the reason why my post is so late is because I had a dead camera battery this morning. :( The bright side about waiting till AFTER work is that I was able to take my time with pics. I THINK I'm getting better?????
Bracelet: Gifted
Don't mind me while I play with my camera! ;)

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