Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring is here! Someone tell that to the weather, please.

Yeah, I know. It's supposed to rain today. I don't care. I decided that this was the week I was going to wear my darling pair of BCBG shoes that I have NEVER worn before- even though I have owned them for 5 years. For some reason, I could never figure out what to wear them with. I went through my closet and this old polka dotted dress popped out at me. It's a spaghetti strapped dress with sort of a Marilyn Monroe feel to it. I thought it would be cute to transform it into a skirt by laying a purple top over it and adding a belt. The whole thing turned out pretty cute!
Off to work! Let's just SEE what the weather has in store for me today. ;)


  1. I love it when I'm IN the blog! Once Cindy's wedding is complete, it's EARRING MAKING TIME!

    And I love the whole shirt over the dress to make it a skirt. I've got to remember to try that!

  2. Wow, you really DO have great outfits! And for cheap! I'm lovin' those shoes btw

  3. Jeff, you can borrow them anytime! ;)


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