Sunday, June 17, 2012

Best Car Wash in Town

For as long as I can remember, my best moments with my Dad were our car wash weekends. 
He has always been a big advocate of taking care of the car, and every weekend, he would pull out the hose, bucket and rags. 
As Daddy's little girl, I insisted on helping. :)

These days, I'm not so great at the car washing. 

I pray for rainy days so that EVERYONE'S car is just as dirty as mine!
I can always count on that look of disapproval when I pull up to my Dad's house with a dirty car. This is usually what follows:
 "How long are you going to be here? Let's wash your car."

That's my Daddy.

I may not be the best at taking care of my car, but there are plenty of things I've learned from my Dad that make me who I am today. 
He's always been the strong super hero in our lives and there's no task or problem he can't handle. 
Whenever I have a problem...whether it's a big life problem or a table from IKEA that I need to put together, 
I always think of what Daddy would do.

Beyond the tough guy exterior lies a big teddy bear. Having a sweet and cuddly Dad makes for sweet and cuddly daughters. :)

Always funny, always entire childhood is laced with fun memories with "Daddy."

I've always felt like his partner in crime and his buddy. 
My quick wit, sense of humor and big personality are all thanks to my Daddy!
Happy Father's Day to the BEST Daddy in the whole world! 

We love you so much and we'll always be your "baby girls"!!!!

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