Monday, March 12, 2012


No...not MY transformation. Well, not yet anyway. I'm still a work in progress as I take my half marathon training one day at a time.

The transformation I'm talking about is my INSANELY in shape little sister! She took on this crazy transformation over the last few months in order to compete in a figure competition.

A.B. and I went to see her compete over the weekend and we were ridiculously impressed!

There were all sorts of categories and all different ages. Check out the Over 60 crowd!

And I didn't know we were going to have celebrities in the house!

Then we got to my sister's division. She looked STUNNING!

When it was all over, we went outside to congratulate her! She won 5th place in her division! SO proud of her!

It was so inspiring to see her dedication and hard work pay off. It's definitely a huge motivator for me to get myself up in the morning for the gym!
On that note, I should go to bed!

OH! Almost forgot!....

Here's what I wore today in case you were wondering?

Good night!

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