Monday, October 3, 2011

Sweet Seventies

 You know what my favorite thing about fashion is? It's that it keeps on repeating itself! Take my dress for example. I bought this cutie at a Goodwill for $3.00. After doing some research on the tag, I found out that this dress is from the early 70's. This dress is older than me, but look how CUTE it is! I've had people say to me, "I don't like shopping at thrift stores because it's usually full of clothes that are out of style." Umm...what???? You're kidding, right? What I LOVE about thrift stores is the fact that people give away amazing styles from the past that ARE back in style now! The difference is that you can't find THESE clothes in department stores! 
What's not to love???

Ok, kids...take these pearls of wisdom to your 
local thrift store and find tomorrow's hottest fashions!

Happy Thrifting!


  1. Oh my!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!! Visiting from Color Blind, you sure got a steal there hun!

  2. I love thrifting for that very reason. Great dress, love the colors & print. You look amazing :)


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