Sunday, September 25, 2011

Miss Dawnya

 Friday was my last day working at the preschool and I have to was extremely difficult and emotional. I have truly loved this job and I feel I have grown so much as a person. I love all the wonderful women I've had the pleasure of working with the past year and a half....and most of all...I adore each and every one of the precious kiddos that I've had the joy of getting to know. 
I decided to do a little blog post of some pieces of my last day, as well as some favorite spots on campus. 

First....some of my favorite "artwork":

Moments from my last week of school:

I feel SO loved and so blessed to have been part of such a wonderful place. I left my last day of work a crying mess. I decided to walk around and take pictures of a few spots on campus that are special to me. 
These flowers grow wild near the playground and I absolutely love them!

I walk past this pond every single morning on the way to school. 

A beautiful tiled mural. 

A Bible verse that hangs in one of the chapels. It's one that has meant a lot to me. 

I know that leaving the preschool was the right decision for me and I am excited about my new job and all that awaits me. But, the school will always have a special place in my heart and I will always consider them family. I love you guys! 
Miss Dawnya will try to visit as soon as she can! :)

P.S. This little angel almost made me change my mind!!!!


  1. That is so bittersweet.....thankfully you survived saying goodbye which will only make you stronger....


  2. Thank you, Sarah! Definitely bittersweet!

  3. I should have known this post would make me cry!

  4. Oh Dawnya...this is so special! So powerful and such a great reminder why things happen for a reason! Good things to have really made an impact! So happy for you!!! I LOVE that poster!

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