Saturday, January 29, 2011

Rubber Ducky Blues!!!

A little over a year ago, I threw my little sister a baby shower. I know this was a long time ago, but the shower was so cute! I thought it deserved a post. :) This shower was a collaborative effort. My partner in crime, Shana, and I threw the cutest little shower in town (if I do say so myself.)
We wanted to follow the colors of the nursery. My sister did NOT want pastels (I completely agreed with her) so she went with navy blue, maroon, browns, etc.
Here was the invitation Shana and I came up with:
 We thought it would be cute to use various types of buttons as accents throughout the shower. We loved the plaid paper and the polka dot ribbon. We stamped "You're invited" onto some brown paper and we used my Cricut to cut out the letter "b" (which stands for Beckett-my nephew's name.)

This is a poem I wrote for the inside. It says:
"Baby Beckett is on his way! So let's get together before his big day!
An afternoon of baby talk will be lots of fun! The festivities will start promptly at 1.
_______is the place to be...Appetizers, friends and the Soon-to-Be Mommy!
One more thing- Let's start Beckett's library off right.
 Please bring your favorite book that made your childhood bright.
Inscribe a note saying why this was your choice.
Someday we'll hear Beckett read it in his own little voice!
Hope you can make it and please don't be tardy!
Can't wait to celebrate Mommy and Baby Beason with their own party!"

 Shana had this great idea. We glued the plaid paper to some clothes pins and painted letters to spell "Beckett." We pinned up baby pictures of the Mommy and Daddy.

I didn't want the party to look too serious with all the plaid and buttons, so for the centerpieces,  I bought some mini rubber duckies and had them floating in shallow glass bowls with glass beads in the bottom. We adorned the outside with fresh flowers and more baby pictures of the parents. We also emptied out baby jars, glued on ribbon and buttons and used them as tealight holders. My mom found a navy plaid fabric and sewed table clothes for all of the tables.

Here is a picture of the piano- more tealights and flowers.

Instead of a guestbook, we had the guests write a message to the parents on 
prepared scrapbook pages that we made.

Here is the island in the kitchen where we displayed the food. Shana decorated a large letter "B" as the main focus of the spread.

This was the first baby shower I have ever thrown. I couldn't have done it without Shana and I think everyone had a great time!


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  2. Dawnya great post! I had so much fun planning the baby shower for your lil sis! I was honored to be a part..but you did forget a crucial partbof the planning..I will give you a involved a black and a white lab...and wallpaper..haha love ya



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