Saturday, January 7, 2012

Playing Pretend

Who doesn't love a game of "pretend"??? When I was a kid, my mom wouldn't let me take dance lessons. She said that I was too busy with my piano lessons and choir practice. (I have an incredible singing voice because of it...wait, no I don't.) Anyway, I decided I didn't need dance lessons. I slapped on my Isotoner slippers aka "ballet slippers" and danced my little heart out in my living room.
Yes, I was horrible and yes, it's on VHS.
That's not my point. My point is...sometimes I want something so badly that I pretend I have it.
Today..I wanted it to be cold and wintery so badly that I pretended it WAS cold and wintery.

SO glad I bundled up! It got down to a bone chilling 70 DEGREES today!
Yeah....thanks a bunch, California. :-/

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