Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Cat's Meow

I've gotta say...I am LOVING what Belmont Shore has to offer.'s like this city knew about my blog and said "Hey Dawnya...take a picture in front of ME!"
Don't mind if I do.
This fantastic kitty painting is just randomly posted on a wall in an alley down the way a bit from A.B.'s place.
Wow....where's my camera??????


One cool thing I can say about my outfit is that aside from my tights, it's completely thrifted.
That's kinda fun.
Not all of my pictures were winners...but they were all fun to do (except the ones where I looked fat and made A.B. delete them).
As long as my craziness doesn't scare him off...I think this is going to all work out just fine. ;)

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