Saturday, July 16, 2011

Summer Saturday

I've decided to start trying to do more weekend posts- especially during my "30 for 30". I figure if I stick to just weekday posts, I won't get to outfit #30 until Christmas.
I had to work today, which I wasn't too excited about. I decided to put this breezy number together. I think it definitely says "summer" and I felt like I needed to be sitting out on a cafe patio sipping Pinot Grigio. Instead, I drove myself to work, sat at a cubicle and sipped bottled water.
 Home sweet home! It may not be a cafe patio, but it has lotsa Pinot Grigio!

P.S. Today's "Fashion Challenge" was Bright Bottoms. Is my skirt bright enough?
Yes. Yes, it is. :)


  1. Love your bright skirt! Thanks again for joining our Fashion Challenge.

  2. this is a great skirt! not only do i like the color, but i love it with that purple belt! nicely done!

  3. That skirt is beautiful. It fits you like a glove! I just love this whole ensemble from the fit to the lovely color contrast.

  4. HEY! thanks for checking out my blog! ya, I find I have way to thin of hair to just get that get big bun look so if you put your hair in a pony and then pull some pieces out to lossen it a little then I take little bits of the pony and tease the heck out of it(so not good for your hair but so helps!) and the hair spray it, when you twist it all together it will look great!really liking you blog!

  5. That outfit definitely does say summer. Adorable look!


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