Sunday, January 25, 2015

Bikini Competition- Take Two! you can guess by the title, I have actually decided to give this whole bikini competition thing another shot! 
May 9th is the date...and I know.... I'm obviously nuts.

There are a few reasons why I wanted to do another one. 
I think the obvious one is....umm....yeah, I'd like to look like this again:

But beyond that, I'm excited about making this a better experience! 

Last time around,  I isolated myself. I didn't go to events. I avoided parties and happy hours. I was lonely. Feeling lonely on top of the mental and physical exhaustion that goes along with bikini training, it made me miserable. I didn't "enjoy the process" like so many bikini competitors say. 

This time around, I've been forcing myself to go to events. I went to my company holiday party knowing I couldn't drink or eat. The weirdest thing happened. I actually still had fun! Who knew???

Also, I'm excited to say that Shana, my bikini partner in crime, is going to be competing with me again!!!!! 

We are already having SO much fun planning our celebration that night, discussing bikini colors and we are even meeting weekly to work on booty exercises! (Can't work the booty ENOUGH!)

My previous coach, Geoff from Train Insane Gym, agreed to train me long distance.....which is AMAZING! I'm so excited to be doing this with him again. And it has also opened up the door to new friends! 
These beauties are training also! Traci and Liz will be competing at Muscle Beach in May. I met them through this process and they are really making it so much more fun! We whine about food and workouts and all things bikini. They crack me up on a daily basis and I'm SO grateful for them!

So I officially started "training" in October to build muscle. I have to say that my coaches at Decibel Crossfit have been so awesome with helping me. They are so supportive and I don't think there are many Crossfit gyms that would be ok with me doing extra work assigned by an outside coach. They truly just want to help me reach my goal and I think that's pretty cool. :) 

Since October, I have put on 3.9 pounds of muscle, lost 3.7 pounds of fat and went down 2.7% in body fat! 

Pretty soon the best part will begin- the "leaning out" process! That's when I'll get to burn off the layer of fat to see what muscles are hiding in there! delaying it any longer. Here is the first of my weekly progress photos.

Ok....wish me luck on this crazy journey! I'll need it!!!!!!

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