Sunday, September 8, 2013

14 Weeks Out

I survived yet another week thanks to Katy Perry's song "Roar" and my love of peanut butter!

If I think about the fact that I'm not competing until winter, while it's currently 100 degrees outside, it seems far too daunting. So, taking it one week at a time and setting small goals makes it feel much more attainable. 

This week I was assigned more work in the gym.....working on shoulders and biceps in addition to all of my normal stuff. Now that my workload has started to change/increase, I'm definitely feeling more focused. 
My coach reviewed my food this week...which made me NERVOUS. The news is that I don't have to cut out my peanut butter!!! Typically when you love a food so much, it's usually bad for you. Luckily, my natural peanut butter (carefully measured out and within my plan) is healthy AND amazing!

The only thing he wanted me to change is to cut all dairy, which for me is just yogurt. No biggie. I only use it in my protein shake and I can easily swap it for unsweetened almond milk.

The other change I made this week is that I have finally surrendered to the idea that I will be working out 7 days a week for the next few months. 
It's okay though. I was cramming too much into my 4 lifting days and I feel like it was probably working against me. Now that I'm doing my extra cardio on my non lifting days, I feel much more energized!

On a non-gym related note, my curling wand AND microwave mysteriously broke this week. Both items decided to just stop heating up. Crazy, right? It's like they were conspiring against me. As if training for a competition isn't hard enough, I now have to deal with cold food and bad hair??
Well, the joke's on them because we had another microwave stored in our garage and I just had a new curling wand delivered via Amazon. Take that, universe!

So, as promised, here is another progress photo. I don't see a drastic change this week, but I also didn't cut dairy until Thursday. I'm hoping to see that pay off a little more over the next couple of weeks.

On that note, I'd better get changed to go for my 30 minute run! Then A.B. and I have a Disneyland date tonight! Yay! 

Have a great weekend everyone!

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