Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A little somethin' special...

 Ever have one of those days where you get dressed and you feel "blah"? 
But then you add one tiny thing....maybe a favorite scarf or some chandelier earrings and all of a sudden you feel...
I don't know...special? 
For me, that's how I feel whenever I put these red shoes on. 
I think they have a vintage feel to them which I love...
but they're also not expected. 
Sure I have a bunch of other shoe options for this outfit...but my red shoes were screaming for attention!!!
My shoes and I hugged it out and then I threw them on.
I love a happy ending!


  1. Those shoes are pretty special. I think they have a "classic" vibe to them :)

  2. Hi there. Colorblind had a link to your blog and I thought I should check it out. I was right. You have fantastic style. I was flipping (hypothetically, since this is the internet, and you can't really "flip" anything, now can you? lol))through your 30x30 challenge and I was inspired. Now I may have to one myself. Also, love the red shoes. Actually, I love the whole outfit. You've made a regular reader out of me! :)



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