Saturday, July 14, 2012

Wanting.... and then GETTING it all.

Recently my sister posted a blog titled "I want it all!" She talked about the list of things she wants out of life. From little things to big things...everything had its place in her heart.

This got me thinking about the things I want. 

The funny thing is...I already had a list started and I already started accomplishing some of them! So I decided I would start documenting them. I'm not done with the outfit posts. I still love fashion and I love creating new looks out of thrifted clothes or things in my closet. But there's so much more to me than that and I want to share it with you. :)

So, for today's post, I'm going to share with you a project that I have ALWAYS wanted to do. Do you know how many times I've seen these DIY mosaic table top projects on tv??? It's something I've always wanted to try but didn't have it in me to find a table that I wanted to destroy in order to create my own masterpiece. 

My time finally came when I moved into my place. The previous renters had left a rusted bistro tiled table in the back patio. It sat there for almost 2 years collecting spider webs. My mission was clear. One morning I said to myself...
"I'm going to re-tile this table today."

It was that simple. I grabbed A.B. ("amazing boyfriend" for those of you who are just joining us) and we started hitting up Goodwill stores and Dollar stores. Three Goodwills and two Dollar stores later I had collected all of the colorful plates that I wanted to smash up to create my tiles.

Next stop? Home Depot. We grabbed spray paint and tile adhesive. 

Time for the dirty work! I grabbed a hammer and went to town on the existing tile. 

A.B.'s job was to sand and spray paint the table.

While he painted away, I started taking out some aggression on the plates I purchased. I placed the plates between old towels and hammered them to bits!!!
Then I laid them out on bath towels and grouped the colors together so that I would have a clear view of my "palette."

Now for the REAL fun!
I put some adhesive on the back of each piece and started placing them on the grated metal top. 
I didn't exactly have a design plan in place, but I trusted my instincts. ;)

The last step was to grout the table.
Sounds like a job for A.B.!!

This was the final product and I could NOT be happier with it!!!! 

This table is a perfect example of something I've talked about doing for years and finally just decided to do it. 
It may not seem like a huge task, but I think most of us have a ton of things we say we want to do and then for one reason or another...we don't do it. 

That's not me anymore.

I want it all and I will GET it all. :)

And because I can't's an outfit post!
 I hope everyone has an amazing weekend filled with messy projects and fulfilled dreams. :)


  1. Too awesome! I love the table!!! That, and seriously, the red hair is your best look. A-Mazing. :)

  2. I want that outfit, what cute shorts!
    Love the table project, nothing beats something uniquely made!

  3. FANTASTIC IDEA!! love it!! i think I will do a post like this one of these days!! the table turned out great!!!


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